Overview Of Newton New Home Financing Solutions

If you are hoping to build a new home as opposed to purchasing a resale, it is useful to learn about the financing solutions available. Financing new construction is very different from purchasing an existing home. The terms, rates, and processing may vary. Below are a few common Newton new home financing solutions to evaluate.

Construction Loans

Construction loans are temporary loans that dispense necessary money during the construction process. There is typically a schedule for when money is given and in what amounts. Specific goals must be met for release of money to the builder. The expenses, interest calculations, and other terms will differ by mortgage company. Construction loans are treated as high risk, thus requirements are typically more strict than other home loans. A standard loan takes effect before possession.

Convertible Loans

Construction to permanent loans involve just one closing. While the property is being constructed, interest-only charges are normally required. Once building is completed, the loan transforms into a normal loan with customary mortgage payments. Interest rates are often locked when you initially initiate the process, however the rate lock for the permanent portion of the loan can have an expiration. If the property is delayed, then the rate for the permanent loan may adjust.

Builder Financing for New Home

Builder financing is the better alternative for home buyers since no additional loan is needed by the buyer. Buyers are typically asked to submit a larger deposit and to cover the cost of upgrades out-of-pocket. Buyers must close on a loan before taking possession.

Newton New Home Financing Solutions

Financing solutions on the market will depend on who owns the lot or the builder does. Buyer-owned land typically need a construction loan of some type. Builder financing is usually offered when building in a planned community. Programs can also range by lender as some offer unique options. Contact a lending specialist to learn all of the different Newton new home financing solutions and associated costs prior to picking a specific alternative.