Home Flooring Alternatives And Reviews For Boston MA

There are several flooring alternatives on the market nowadays. Newer alternatives from laminate to bamboo, and a large array of hardwood, tile, and carpet, allow owners the flexibility to include flooring as an integral part of the specific design of a space. Here are some home flooring alternatives and reviews for Boston MA.

Carpeting as a Flooring Option

Carpet is a common flooring option that remains popular. There are many materials, designs, and textures to select from. It is fitting for bedrooms and game rooms. Unlike other flooring materials, carpet provides extra warmth beneath the feet. Furthermore, it is good for colder regions because it offers heat insulation. This flooring is great during the cold winter weather in Boston MA. However, carpet is somewhat difficult to lay and maintain, and is much less stain, mildew and pest resistant. It also does not improve property values.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood continues to be a popular flooring material. It creates a rich finish to any room, is simple to clean, is highly durable, and increases property values. However, it is not as easy to install and repair, can scratch with ease and does not provide thermal or sound insulation.

Laminate Floors

Laminate is a newer option that has gained use recently. It is simple to lay and clean. It is also extremely durable. It is the affordable alternative to hardwood. However, it is thinner than hardwood and some do not create the high-end feel of real hardwood. Similar to hardwood, it is also not a great insulator of sound and heat.

Ceramic Tile

Tile is typically a flooring selection for kitchens and bathrooms. It is very durable, cleans with ease, and is extremely resistant to mold and insects. But, comparable to hardwood and laminate, tile is difficult to install, does not insulate sound or heat very much, and will be hard and chilly on the feet. This is helpful during the warm summertime but not really during the winter.

Home Flooring Alternatives And Reviews For Boston MA

With such a variety of flooring materials, it is useful to look at the advantages and disadvantages of each one. You should also think about temperatures, expense and usage of the space. Different areas within a residence may require specific flooring options, so do not be scared to install multiple types for a residence but do think about flow.