Brookline MA New Home Energy Saving Ideas

With new homes, there are upgrades that you might invest in up-front to help save money and energy in the longrun. People typically refer to appliances when evaluating energy efficiency, but even construction products will involve energy usage. Below are a few Brookline MA new home energy saving ideas to consider.

Selecting Appliances

Energy Star certified products operate more efficiently (as measured by testing). Therefore, they offer cost savings and help protect our environment. You may search for Energy Star products on the Internet or in stores. They will show the energy star logo which details information on the resources consumed under standard operation. Energy Star options are widely offered, so you should be able to get appliances with the features you desire.

High Efficiency Heating

Fuel burning heating systems ordinarily have an efficiency rating described as a percentage. The more the percentage, the greater the savings. Costs will range depending on brand and efficiency. If your home is located in colder regions, investing in better systems may lower your costs by a large amount.

Double-pane and Low-E Windows

Windows are a major means of air transfer. Double-pane windows offer improved insulation. Additionally, adding a low-E glaze between panes will better suppress heat exchange through the window. Low-E material is basically invisible. A wide range of coatings are available to adapt to particular climates. High solar gain options are better for areas with cold climates, and low solar gain glazings are preferred for hotter regions that require more air conditioning. It is also a good idea to think about window locations to take advantage of natural daylight. This may lower the need for electricity.

Color Considerations

Darker colors for roofing and siding materials take in heat, increasing the heat inside the house. Your systems must work harder to offset it. Picking light colored roofing will reflect sunlight instead of absorbing its heat. There are additional more advanced alternatives such as white roofs (special reflective coating) or a green roof (with plantings).

Insulation Benefits

Insulation is critical to maintaining an obstacle between the interior and exterior air. It is obviously more cost-effective to do this during construction than to do so after the house is built. For greater benefit, a home should be insulated from attic to the basement. If the structure has a basement, also think about insulating bulkhead doors and hot water piping.

Other Brookline MA New Home Energy Saving Ideas

Building a home calls for countless decisions. Remember to incorporate energy efficiency in your assessment of varying options. Evaluate environmental effect plus initial expense with the continual savings. In many cases, going with energy efficient options is a clear decision when evaluating the bigger picture. Start by asking your home builder for a complete list of options.