Common Mistakes Made By Sellers Of Newton MA Real Estate

There are a few seller actions that impact how well a property sells. Some common mistakes made by sellers of Newton MA real estate are worse than others. Sellers can avoid making the mistakes detailed in this article.

Common Mistakes Made By Sellers Of Newton MA Real Estate

Not Spending Sufficient Attention to Cleaning

Keeping a property constantly clean is a challenge particularly when you are still using the space. It is important to spend time cleaning before appointments and open houses. Buyers will notice the mess rather than the amenities of a property, so not paying attention to cleaning will make your property less desirable. Buyers also make assumptions about how well an owner cares for a home based on how clean it is. Cleaning up helps properties sell faster and for more money.

Inconvenient Viewing Instructions

The more difficult it is to see a home, the fewer times it will be shown. Another mistake is not giving convenient access to keys. In markets with plenty of options, buyers will gravitate towards easy showings. Inconvenient showing instructions result in decreased opportunities and longer marketing time frames.

Lingering During Showings

Home owners may want to be present during showings, but this can do more damage than good. It may make visitors feel awkward. Also, excessive conversation with a property owner can distract people from the home itself. Buyers like to leisurely explore a property and to talk freely with each other about their opinions. Also, parties talking with each other can result in misconceptions about motivation and contract terms.

Pricing Decision

Price affects days on market and selling price. Of the common mistakes made by sellers of Newton MA real estate, this one is most critical. It is normal for sellers to have pride in a home and to want the highest price possible. However, this commonly results in incorrect pricing. Overpriced real estate can stay listed for a long time while correctly priced properties go under agreement first. As time passes, the listing grows stale and loses momentum. Long marketing time and price drops over time will cause the listing to sell for less. Thus, there is really no benefit to overpricing properties. Speak to a real estate broker for an honest opinion on price and delay listing your home if the market values are not enough.

Selling Independently

Some sellers choose not to employ a real estate agent. Even though it can be done, there may be many headaches and costly mistakes during the process. Real estate agents are trained on selling real estate, being an intermediary, negotiating deals, and protecting the interests of sellers. They also understand the market and shifts that may effect a listing. Experience will make a difference, especially during changing market conditions.

Sellers Affect The Outcome

Sellers play an important role in the listing of homes. The common mistakes made by sellers of Newton MA real estate above are merely a few examples. An experienced real estate agent can protect against other selling pitfalls. For additional guidance on this and other real estate topics, contact Bill Kuhlman at 781-444-1399 or