Why You Should Use Needham MA Real Estate Agents

As a first time home buyer or seller, you have the choice of selecting a real estate agent to provide advice and protect your interests. Merely contacting an agent does not suggest that individual is your buyer or seller agent. There is typically an agreement formalizing the agency, role of the the agent, and your responsibilities. Below are important facts on why you should use Needham MA real estate agents.

Real Estate Agents Responsibilities

Federal law specifies that real estate agents carry out specific responsibilities to their clients once they enter into an agency relationship.

Providing Confidentiality

Agents must maintain confidentiality of client information. They must not reveal information about your business, finances, or motivations unless mandated by you or ordered by a court of law to do so. This fiduciary remains active forever beyond any closings or contracts.


Real estate professionals have a reasonable amount of knowledge when it comes to real estate matters and on the home buying and selling process, but they are not experts in all real estate related fields (such as legal issues). For information outside of their responsibilities, they must guide clients to the proper experts.


Agents must comply with lawful instructions from clients. For example, sometimes clients ask their agents to prepare an offer with terms that the agent does not agree with. Agents must abide by those requests despite the difference of opinion.


Real Estate Agents must accurately monitor and report the transfer of any deposits submitted in a transaction. This applies to security deposits submitted and the release of said funds where necessary.


Real Estate Agents must maintain the best interests of their clients ahead of all other individuals, including themselves. Earnings, particularly in multiple offer scenarios, should not be an influece and would be disloyal. Confidentiality is also a factor of loyalty.


Agents must complete tasks and honor requests in a timely manner. This can be critical when multiple offers are present. It is also important when a contract is in place with specific deadlines.


All real estate agents must tell you everything they know about a property,…often called material facts. The duty to disclose also covers any information that may affect decisions about a property or improve negotiating power.

Why You Should Use Needham MA Real Estate Agents

Hiring an agent has many benefits. In addition to what is listed above, agents have an even more influential position of facilitating communication between buyers and sellers. The real estate process can be extremely stressful and emotional. Having the guidance of an individual who recognizes your best interests but is emotionally detached can facilitate transactions and lead to positive outcomes. This sums up why you should use Needham MA real estate agents. Contact Bill Kuhlman at 781-444-1399 or wmkuhlman@aol.com for additional guidance.