Interesting Features For New Homes In Boston

With new homes, you can change floor plan, design elements, and features. Take this opportunity include compelling components. Here are a few interesting features for new homes in Boston.

Foyer Enhancements

An entry way is a major first impression of a house. You can make a foyer more appealing by including decorative staircases, furniture, beautiful light fixtures, and special previews of other areas of the property. Because it is also an important segway from indoors to outdoors, do not forget to include closets and other storage. You may incorporate them into the design using door shapes and positioning.

Master Bedroom Options

A master bedroom is usually a critical feature in a property. For new construction, think about designing more than one master suite such as a 1st and 2nd level option. This provides some additionally flexibility. For example, if you have small children, you may stay on the same level as them. As your children get older, you have the choice to relocate to the main level for more privacy. Empty nesters might also consider a first level master an appealing feature. Appealing to more home buyers may increase property value.

Dramatic Spaces

Having combined spaces is helpful for entertaining and can improve the utility of a home. An open kitchen and family room makes it easy to move back and forth and keep everyone connected. Families with children can appreciate visibility of the great room while in the kitchen. Consider installing unique features such as cathedral ceilings, large windows, dramatic fireplaces, and custom shelving.

A Kitchen Outside

Outdoor cooking space provides many advantages. First of all, it is great for outdoor entertaining. It offers a mingling spot and brings the cooking space near the entertaining space. Secondly, it decreases the mess in the home. Lastly, it can also act as an added cooking area for large gatherings.

Additional Interesting Features For New Homes In Boston

There are an abundance of interesting amenities that you may select in new homes. Call your builder for additional tips. Be sure to assess usefulness and resale when considering custom features.