The Definition Of MA Real Estate Transfer Taxes And Who Is Responsible For Them

When properties are sold in MA, real estate transfer taxes (often known as deed recording taxes) are levied. Transfer taxes are different from property taxes in that they occur only once at when a property closes while property taxes are continually charged. It is helpful for home buyers and sellers to be familiar with what a transfer tax is and how much it may affect closing costs. The following … [Read more...]

Advantages Of 1031 Exchanges In MA

A 1031 exchange is a method for postponing taxes on the sale of one property by purchasing another. It applies to business or investment real estate. When used properly, it can lead to significant savings. This article details the advantages of 1031 exchanges in MA. Types of Properties that Qualify You must own qualified real estate before considering a 1031 tax deferred exchange. Qualified real … [Read more...]

Massachusetts Listing Contract Provisions

There are different aspects to marketing a property. After you have interviewed and selected a real estate broker for your property, you will be given a listing contract. Before signing this document, it is important to understand some of the terms normally included. The Massachusetts listing contract provisions below will better prepare you for this. Real Estate Commission Commission is usually … [Read more...]

MA Listing Virtual Tours Vs. Slideshows

When homes are posted for sale, it is customary to include pictures. Listing agents may also include virtual tours or slideshows. Each is created differently and provides a different visual aspect of a space. This blog includes an overview of MA listing virtual tours vs. slideshows. What Are Virtual Tours Virtual tours are prepared using videography and can offer a good perspective on the … [Read more...]

For Sale By Owner Dangers In MA

When it comes to selling a home, owners sometimes think about selling on their own. Similar to home repairs, bookkeeping, and other tasks, it may be possible to do it yourself but sometimes it can end up costing more due to mistakes made along the way. Technique, resources, and experience are valuable, particularly with selling such a big investment. The following are for sale by owner dangers in … [Read more...]

The Benefits Of Staging Your Needham MA Listing

Any real estate agent or home buyer can attest to the benefits of staging your Needham MA listing. There are several advantages that make it worth the time. This blog covers things to remember when debating whether to stage your home for sale. The Benefits Of Staging Your Needham MA Listing The reality is, the way your home is presented can really affect the appeal of your home and what it may … [Read more...]

Why You Need A Comparative Market Analysis For Needham MA Real Estate

A comparative market analysis (CMA) is a report put together by a local real estate broker to figure out the potential price range of a piece of real estate. It is different from an appraisal, which targets the exact value at a given time. It is important that sellers understand how a comparative market analysis is developed. This article covers why you need a comparative market analysis for … [Read more...]

Positioning Massachusetts Listings To Sell In A Slow Market

Pricing directly impacts the amount of time it takes to sell a property and whether it may will sell at all. Pricing is especially critical in when there are a lot of listings on the market. Below is advice on positioning Massachusetts listings to sell in a slow market. Recognize the Real Estate Market Each real estate market varies. When you see information on the news, those normally refer to … [Read more...]