Eliminating Mortgage Insurance From FHA Home Loans

Mortgage insurance is normally applied to loans for greater than 80% loan-to-value. Most buyers who turn to FHA have little to put down and will thus require mortgage insurance on a monthly basis. The premium is based on a percentage of the loan principal and might represent a large portion of the monthly payment. People therefore benefit from eliminating mortgage insurance from FHA home … [Read more...]

Benefits Of HomePath Mortgages For Boston Home Buyers

If you are viewing a Fannie-Mae owned home, you may notice a notation about HomePath financing. This program is only for Fannie Mae properties and come with a few helpful terms. The benefits of HomePath mortgages for Boston home buyers in this blog includes a few important aspects of this program. HomePath Program Specifics HomePath financing is provided through approved local mortgage companies, … [Read more...]

Benefits Of VA Financing In Needham

Veterans may obtain VA financing granted by individual lenders but guaranteed by the federal government. The guarantee protects lenders against loss up to a specific dollar amount should a borrower forecloses on a property. Because of this guarantee, mortgage companies are able to offer veterans options not easily found in other programs. The following is an overview of the benefits of VA … [Read more...]

Brookline Property Refinance Guidance

It is best to refinance when mortgage rates remain low. Refinancing includes certain costs but can result in dramatic savings on monthly payments. It may be with the existing loan provider or a completely different bank. Brookline Property Refinance Guidance including the expenses and benefits of refinancing are provided below. Timing the Refinance of a Mortgage Real Estate Market Conditions The … [Read more...]

Overview Of HomePath Loans For Boston Buyers

Fannie Mae owned homes may include a remark regarding HomePath financing. This financing is strictly for Fannie Mae listings and come with a few unique options. The overview of HomePath loans for Boston buyers in this blog includes the most important features of this program. HomePath Financing Specifics HomePath financing is provided through select local mortgage companies, banks, and credit … [Read more...]

A List Of Lender Closing Fees In Boston MA

When you obtain a loan for a real estate purchase, you will be faced with many different expenses related to the loan. These are often referred to as closing costs, but there actually include various types of charges that fall into that classification. This blog provides a list of lender closing fees in Boston MA. Lender Closing Fees Discount FeesDiscount fees are a method for buyers to secure a … [Read more...]

Fannie Mae November 2013 Desktop Underwriting Changes

Fannie Mae programs apply to a large number of mortgages. In November of 2013, they issued a few noteworthy changes to their desktop underwriting system (used to review almost all of their mortgages). Here is an overview of the Fannie Mae November 2013 desktop underwriting changes. HARP mortgages People with a Fannie Mae mortgage and refinancing with HARP usually had to use their existing lender … [Read more...]

Boston MA No Closing Cost Loans Advantages And Disadvantages

No closing cost loans are usually sought after by borrowers with few funds to bring to closing. The term is somewhat misleading as there is always a cost to lending money. The means by which those costs are regained by a lender can be structured in different ways. The following is an overview of Boston MA no closing cost loans, what you should know, and how it compares to options with closing … [Read more...]

Top 5 Considerations For Refinancing A Home Loan – Boston Refinancing Factors

Refinancing your home loan may result in significant savings when completed under the correct conditions. Every mortgage and borrower varies, so an opportune situation for one person may not be for another. Before making a decision to refinance, take a look at these top 5 considerations for refinancing a home loan. Top 5 Considerations For Refinancing A Home Loan 1. Your Unique Needs Your personal … [Read more...]

Home Loan Steps For Purchasing MA Properties

There are many distinct steps in the home purchase process, and several relate to obtaining a home loan. It can be complicated for both new and experienced home buyers. This blog details basic details on home loan steps for purchasing MA properties and covers what you may want to know before starting the process. Home Loan Steps For Purchasing MA Properties Pre-approval A pre-approval is an … [Read more...]