An Overview Of Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance For Boston Home Loans

Mortgage insurance is typically mandatory when a home owner borrows more than eighty percent of the value of a home. It protects lenders against financial loss should a homeowner fall short of paying a mortgage. Although it protects the lender, it is usually paid by the buyer as an up-front fee and additional monthly premium. In certain cases, a lender will cover the expense of the mortgage … [Read more...]

Details On Common Mortgage Terms

Completing the home loan process may be challenging, particularly with tons of industry-related terms. Becoming familiar with common mortgage terms will help the process. In this article are details on common mortgage terms. Common Mortgage Terms Pre-approval A pre-approval is paperwork prepared by a loan originator detailing the home price and loan product that a buyer may obtain considering … [Read more...]

Overview Of Newton New Home Financing Solutions

If you are hoping to build a new home as opposed to purchasing a resale, it is useful to learn about the financing solutions available. Financing new construction is very different from purchasing an existing home. The terms, rates, and processing may vary. Below are a few common Newton new home financing solutions to evaluate. Construction Loans Construction loans are temporary loans that … [Read more...]

Cancelling PMI From Conventional Mortgages

PMI is generally charged on basic conventional mortgages with low down payments. The amount is charged monthly and part of the mortgage payment. Cancelling PMI from conventional mortgages will save significant money, so it is a good idea to understand how PMI works and how it may be adjusted. Below is an overview. Reducing the Principal of Your Mortgage When you initially receive a mortgage, an … [Read more...]

Needham MA Loan Experts

Obtaining a home loan can be a complicated process because of the variety of mortgage alternatives, the documentation required, and the underwriting process. Selecting Needham MA loan experts may alleviate some of the errors. Below is information on the benefits of utilizing Needham MA loan experts. Advantages of Needham MA Loan Experts Needham MA Financing Options Needham MA loan experts stay … [Read more...]

Examples Of Title Defects In Needham MA

Owners title insurance is an elective expense when purchasing or refinancing real estate. It can be bought once by an owner and will cover title issues for the entire time that they own the home. Knowing what title defects include may help homeowners decide whether to purchase a policy. Examples of title defects in Needham MA can be found below. Definition of Title Defect Title problems are not … [Read more...]

Boston Home Buying Assistance Programs

Home buying assistance programs are abundant, yet few are aware of them. Most are reserved for first time home buyers, but there are also those that do not include such restrictions. If you are planning a property purchase, here are a few useful facts on Boston home buying assistance programs. Buyer Assistance Programs Boston home buying assistance programs are offered on both a national and … [Read more...]

HomePath Home Loans For Renovations

HomePath home loans for renovations enable people to purchase homes that require repair. The expense of repairs can be rolled into the mortgage principal, making the purchase more affordable. The following is an overview of HomePath home loans for renovations. Real Estate that Qualify In general, HomePath home loans only apply to Fannie Mae owned listings. Lenders must be approved to offer … [Read more...]

New Construction Loans Basics | Needham MA New Construction

When buying a home from a builder, a complicated construction loan is not often necessary. Builders often finance the construction process and allow you to use a regular loan when the building is completed. Even though this makes your loan process simpler, there remain a few differences in the loan process to be aware of when buying new construction. The details below on new construction loans … [Read more...]

Newton Bridge Loans – Overview Of Bridge Loans

Homeowners who are both selling and buying can face challenges with coordinating both events, especially in competitive real estate markets. Bridge loans are an option for individuals facing this problem. The information below on Newton bridge loans - overview of bridge loans will help you better understand this financing option. Newton Bridge Loans - Overview Of Bridge Loans Many homeowners … [Read more...]