Needham Property Renovation Considerations

There is a lot to consider when planning a home renovation project. You must decide on layout, products, color schemes, and more. You will also want the project to withstand wear and tear tp make your investment worthwhile. The following are some Needham property renovation considerations to aid in planning your next endeavor. 1. Resources Available On the Internet There is an abundance of … [Read more...]

Tips On Necessary Seller Disclosure For Newton Listings

When selling properties, home owners and brokers have a legal duty to provide everything known about a residence. Most lawsuits relate to people suspecting that a seller intentionally hid details. Below are tips on necessary seller disclosure for Newton listings. Why Sellers Must Disclose Being up front about material facts is critical. In some cases, failure to disclose problems about a home … [Read more...]

Overview Of The Qualified Mortgage Rule For Brookline Mortgages

The qualified mortgage rule was released by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in January 2013 as part of the Dodd-Frank Reform Act. It actually applies starting Jan. 10, 2014 and affects the way companies must assess and verify facts from borrowers. An overview of the qualified mortgage rule for Brookline mortgages can be found in this blog. Overview Of The Qualified Mortgage Rule For … [Read more...]

Boston Home Equity Loan Information

There are many different home equity loan options. Some can be a better solution than others based on your situation, interest rates, and the purpose of your home equity loan. The Boston home equity loan information detailed in this blog will help you understand your options. Home Equity Loan Options Cash-out Refinance A cash-out refinance pays off your first mortgage and replaces it with a new … [Read more...]

Design Features For Home Renovations In MA

Home styles change every so often. Being aware of design features will help increase your home&#39s value. Here are a few design features for home renovations in MA. Enviromental ConsciousnessEnviromental consciousness is a modern trend. You will see homes marketed specifically for this. There are several different things you can do. You may select energy saving appliances, select products … [Read more...]

Energy Tax Credit Overview For Newton Property Owners

There are two different tax credits available for homeowners who make energy efficient upgrades. Credits directly reduce the tax owed and will, therefore, save money. This blog offers energy tax credit overview for Newton property owners. Two Different Tax Credits The Wind, Solar, Geothermal and Fuel Cell Tax Credit This tax credit is good for existing real estate and new construction, if used as … [Read more...]

Tenancy Relationships For Brookline Property Purchases

Tenancy is defined as an ownership arrangement among two or more parties who acquire a home together. It dictates what will happen when one individual becomes deceased. There are several categories of tenancy and each has different rights and stipulations. Below are details on the different tenancy relationships for Brookline property purchases. Tenancy Relationships Tenancy in Common Tenancy in … [Read more...]

Revised Lender Disclosure Forms Beginning August 2015

You usually get many disclosure forms when trying ot obtain a home loan. It is easy to get overwhelmed. Each of these was produced by different laws over time. In some cases, they provide similar facts, making the information even more confusing to understand. The revised lender disclosure forms beginning August 2015 will address some of this. The Loan Estimate Disclosure The new loan estimate … [Read more...]

Brookline MA Single Family Property Summary For The 1st Quarter 2015

The Brookline market is hot right now. Brookline property buyers and sellers should be aware of changes in the market. Real estate figures will help you understand the what is going on now and make important decisions. The Brookline MA single family property summary for the 1st quarter 2015 below contains some of that data. Brookline MA single family Property Prices Home prices provide a general … [Read more...]

2015 1st Quarter Single Family Real Estate Statistics For Boston MA

Real estate sellers and buyers should stay aware of fluctuations in the market. Housing figures will help you understand the the market and make educated decisions. The 2015 1st quarter single family real estate statistics for Boston MA below contains some basic information. Single Family Property Prices in Boston MA Home prices give an overall glimpse of how the market is doing. For 1st quarter … [Read more...]