An Overview Of Condominium Insurance In Boston

When purchasing a condominium, you may not think that you need condominium insurance. Condominium communities typically have a master insurance policy, but it does not protect everything in your unit. It is imperative that you understand what master insurance policies include and the additional advantages of individual Boston condo insurance policies. This blog covers an overview of condominium … [Read more...]

Boston Homestead Protection Information

Homestead protection is provided to Boston property owners and protects their equity from unsecured creditors. This is a vital law for any property owner. The Boston homestead protection information in this blog lists the most important facets of this law. Why This Law Is Important Homeowners build equity in a property over the years. This equity may be low initially, but can increase to a … [Read more...]

Tips On Negotiating Agreements For Needham Homes

Real estate transactions typically require different negotiations along the way. It may be an emotional undertaking for all parties involved. This blog provides tips on negotiating agreements for Needham homes. Negotiation Factors Real Estate Market You should not overlook the real estate market and its role in which party has the upper hand. In a buyer's market, home buyers obviously have … [Read more...]

An Overview Of Newton Property Casualty Loss Tax Deductions

The federal government provides a tax deduction for property casualty losses. This is an itemized deduction, so whether it can be used depends on the specific finances of a taxpayer. Deductions lower taxable income and the amount of tax owed, and can therefore be beneficial to a home owner. This blog provides an overview of Newton property casualty loss tax deductions. Definition of a Casualty … [Read more...]

Keyphrase3 Hazard Insurance Costs In Brookline

Hazard insurance costs are calculated using a variety of criteria. Insurance providers utilize facts on the house itself and information on the individual buying the insurance. Keyphrase3 hazard insurance costs in Brookline is provided in this blog and can be helpful for anyone purchasing a property. Home Age and Amenities Insurance companies may ask for specific information on a home including … [Read more...]

Boston Laws On Rental Deposits

In Massachusetts, landlords can require two kinds of deposits: a security deposit and rent for the last month. These deposits must be processed in a particular way according to the law. An overview of the Boston laws on rental deposits is provided below. Property Condition Statement Within 10 days of accepting security deposits for Boston apartments, property owners must furnish tenants with a … [Read more...]

Boston MA Condo Average Prices Of Listings Sold For 3rd Quarter 2014

Property prices in a town continually change. The average price of listings sold offers a good overview of the market. Other statistics such as the low, median, and high selling prices are also useful. The Boston MA condo average prices of listings sold for 3rd quarter 2014 in this blog detail numbers for the previous several years. Condo Real Estate Prices for Boston MA - 3rd Quarter Average … [Read more...]

Needham MA Single Family Market Statistics – 3rd Quarter Average Price Of Homes Sold

This article contains specific information on the Needham MA real estate market market statistics for quarterly single family average price of homes sold covering the previous several years.Needham MA Single Family Market StatisticsThe average price of homes sold in Needham MA for the 3rd quarter increased 5.09% from $867,620 (in 2013) to $911,774 (in 2014). This after it increased 8.88% from … [Read more...]

Newton MA Single Family Home Sales Market Report For 3rd Quarter 2014

The Newton MA single family home sales market report for 3rd quarter 2014 below details numbers on average sale prices, listing volume, and days on market over recent years. Single Family Real Estate Prices for Newton MA 3rd Quarter Price of Properties Sold Newton MA average price for the 3rd quarter increased 7.07 % from $1,088,471 to $1,165,445. This after it increased 8.52% from $1,002,973 to … [Read more...]

Brookline MA Single Family Property Sales Overview For 3rd Quarter 2014

The Brookline MA single family property sales overview for 3rd quarter 2014 in this article includes data on average prices, number of listings sold, and days on market for the previous few years. Brookline MA Single Family Real Estate Prices 3rd Quarter Sale Price The average price in Brookline MA for the 3rd quarter increased 24.87 % from $1,494,847 to $1,866,657. Prior to that, it decreased … [Read more...]