A List Of Lender Closing Fees In Boston MA

When you obtain a loan for a real estate purchase, you will be faced with many different expenses related to the loan. These are often referred to as closing costs, but there actually include various types of charges that fall into that classification. This blog provides a list of lender closing fees in Boston MA. Lender Closing Fees Discount FeesDiscount fees are a method for buyers to secure a … [Read more...]

Neighborhood Selection Guidance Needham MA Property

Finding a property is about more than the house itself. Every neighborhood provides a specific feel, activities, and other offerings. Several considerations may affect your decision to buy a property. This blog contains neighborhood selection guidance Needham MA property. What to Evaluate School Zones Every neighborhood fits within a particular school zone which can vary in ranking. Determine the … [Read more...]

Production Versus Custom Builders In Newton MA

With so many construction companies out there, it can be somewhat confusing to identify what type you want for your new construction project. Starting from floor plans to finishes and materials, each builder may do things differently. There are a few common themes regarding production versus custom builders in Newton MA. Meaning Of Custom Builders Although many custom builders will build on lots … [Read more...]

For Sale By Owner Pricing Dangers For Brookline MA Sellers

Home owners often evaluate selling a property for-sale-by-owner with the sole objective of making more money. Experience has shown that it can actually cost them more in the end,... for sale by owner pricing dangers for Brookline MA sellers. Below are a few considerations for sellers before making the decision to do it alone. Proper Pricing The real estate market is continually changing. Pricing … [Read more...]

Fannie Mae November 2013 Desktop Underwriting Changes

Fannie Mae programs apply to a large number of mortgages. In November of 2013, they issued a few noteworthy changes to their desktop underwriting system (used to review almost all of their mortgages). Here is an overview of the Fannie Mae November 2013 desktop underwriting changes. HARP mortgages People with a Fannie Mae mortgage and refinancing with HARP usually had to use their existing lender … [Read more...]

Waltham MA Foreclosure Facts And Guidance For Homeowners

There is often some misinformation regarding foreclosures. It is helpful for current and future home owners to have accurate information. This article covers Waltham MA foreclosure facts and guidance for homeowners. Foreclosure Myths Only Delinquent Home Owners Receive Assistance Home owners can start the process of loan modification and other assistance before being delinquent. These programs … [Read more...]

Acton MA Single Family Property Sale Prices For Year 2013

Sale prices in an area continuously fluctuate. The average price of properties closed provides a general overview of a particular area. Other statistics such as the lowest, median, and highest selling prices are also useful. The Acton MA single family property sale prices for year 2013 below include figures for the last few years. Single Family Home Sales for Acton MA - Year Average Price of Real … [Read more...]

Wellesley MA Single Family Average Prices Of Homes Sold For January To December 2013

Sale prices in a town continuously change. The average price of listings closed offers a good overview of a particular area. Additional figures such as the low, median, and high prices provide additional helpful information. The Wellesley MA single family average prices of homes sold for January to December 2013 in this blog detail trends for the previous few years. Single Family Property Sales … [Read more...]

Ways To Prevent Home Pipes From Freezing In Cold Temperatures

Frigid conditions present a whole new set of possible problems for homeowners. One issue that may be very pricy is frozen pipes. Below are some basic ways to prevent home pipes from freezing in cold temperatures. The Reason For Bursting Pipes Within pipes, freezing may cause a blockage. When water freezes, it expands. You might have seen this with liquids that you put in your freezer. A blockage … [Read more...]

Building Custom Homes In MA

If you are contemplating building a custom home, you may be curious about how to begin. It is certainly not the same as the usual home buying process. This blog provides details on building custom homes in MA. The Team of Contractors There are different aspects to building custom homes that will draw on the expertise of different kinds of professionals. You will need an architect to develop your … [Read more...]